Sunday, October 9, 2016

Different Types of Golf Bags

Basic types

Golf is usually played amongst the people of high class as it is consider the game of prestige. The golf equipment encompasses various things which are used to play the sport of golf. The modern golf bag is made up of the nylon, plastic, canvas, leather and metal. Some of the golf bags are of the metal reinforcement and framing. In the earlier times the golf bags are made of the elephant’s penis which is a different material from the current materials. The carry bags are the type of golf bag which is designed such that the golfer or the carrier can have single or dual shoulder straps. They are generally light in construction so that it reduces the burden for the player.

The stand bags are also in the carry bags which has additional features like the retractable fold legs. It helps in making a tripod so that the bag can be placed safely on turf. The cart golf bag is designed so that it can be carried on the golf cart or the buggy. It is mainly aimed towards the lady golfers and the older golfers. The bags are large but it fits comfortably on the electric and the push trolley. The staff golf bags are very much heavy and you should only opt for them if you have the caddy at your disposal. The caddy is needed who can carry the staff bag all the time while you are golfing.

Other types

These are the most basic types of golf bags which are used by the golfers. There are some other types of golf bags which are also used. The golf ball bag and the shoe bag are considered in the category of the golf bags. The golf ball bag is also known as the practice bag which is mainly used for the practicing purposes by players. They are used to collect the balls form the practice area. The golf ball bags are usually light in weight and they can easily fit into the car boot. It has large amount of golf balls capacity. The golf ball bag is a good idea for the player who practices with their own balls.

The shoe bag is also a type of golf bag which is used by the golfer to carry the shoes form and to the course. They are light in weight and are small. It is a good idea which stops the grass and dirt from lying into the car and the locker room. These are also some of the well known type of golf bags which are used by golfer. 

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