Monday, April 13, 2015

Water Crisis And Need Of Purification

 "Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink" seems to be the perfectly fitting phrase in today's ecology where shortage of drinking water is at an alarming stage.
The affects of global warming, various kinds of human and other pollutants being added to water resources, the acid rain phenomena, irrigational and other forms of water overuse and wastage and many other environmental factors are deteriorating the quality level of water resources.
Even though water is the most abundant resource available on the planet earth, then too almost majority of world population lacks access to clean water sources due to increased levels of water pollution.
This condition of water crisis has risen to a great extent and is a matter of major concern for the health authorities, and general public all around the world.
Water needs to be purified before supplying it for human intake that is where the need of water purification systems arises.

The major cause of water pollution is ingredients like compounds of fluorine, chlorine and other waste particles of human and animal waste. The hazardous minerals and chemicals are also present in one or the other form in water all over the world. Bacteria, fungi and various viruses also grow on water sources and thus make the water not so suitable for drinking purposes.
All these pollutants add to the water due to leakage from chemical factories, industries and manufacturing units. Wastage from sewage treatment plants, flow of fertilizers and pesticides from land surface to ground water, chemical spills in water locomotives, disposal of plastic waste and synthetic wastes.
The water crisis has lead to emergence of many fatal diseases and therefore water crisis is needed to be tackled well in time to save the coming generations both from water scarcity and major illnesses.
How to come over water crisis?
  • Make efforts to control water pollutants, avoid flow of pollutants and chemical wastes to the water sources.
  • Make efforts to control deforestation, manage eco-balance by planting trees, so that water availability does not get scarce due to ecological imbalance and global warming.
  • Make efforts to control wastage of water, avid water over flow.

Need of Water purification.
Water purification is the process of cleaning of water to make it adequate for drinking purposes. The process includes source treatment, Sedimentation and Reverse Osmosis Filtration. There is need of water purification because the impurities in the water lead to various kinds of illnesses.
Water purification.
  • Water needs to be first treated at the water sourcelevel.
  • At end user point, water needs to be purified to filter out bigger sized stones or hard materials.
  • Then, water is purified to filter out organic impurities. Reverse Osmosis Systems are best equipments for this purpose.
  • Next, water is to be filtered for the inorganic impurities.

Reverse Osmosis system in Water purification process:
Reverse Osmosis Systems (Find ) are the best used and most loved systems used worldwide for water purification. The Reverse osmosis systems not only treat your water for the hazardous chemicals but also add a pleasing taste and healthy minerals to the water.
Water Quality Testing:
Water can be treated or purified, but how can someone be sure about the quality of water after purification or filtration process? How can you make sure that the water that you get as an output from the Reverse Osmosis System is genuinely free of all kinds of pollutants and impurities with which the water was contaminated before the purification process?
To make this Assurance, there are various Water Quality testing tools available in the market. These tools are generally making use of grading scales which show the level of various impurities in the water before purification and also after purification. The best reverse osmosis system commonly provides water quality testing to their clients.

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