Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are Golf Rangefinders Actually Useful?

If you are a golfer then you must have the idea about what does the best golf rangefinder actually do. It gives you the exact reading of the distance between two points on the golf course or at any other place. With the help of a rangefinder, the golfers do not have to rely on the calculations made by the caddie; rather they can just push the button to get the accurate measurement. Thus, one you have good idea about the distance, your strategy for shot and club selection would be much easier.

Do the golf rangefinders actually do what they promise?
To answer in one word, ‘yes’, however the accurateness would depend upon the golf rangefinder that you are using.
There are mainly two types of golf rangefinder. They are GPS Rangefinders and Laser Rangefinders. You may choose any one of the above type, but if you want any rangefinder without any internet connection, then you must go for a laser rangefinder.
The laser rangefinders are ready to use just after taking them out of the box. You would need very little activation for suing these rangefinders. However, as you would get many models of rangefinders in the market, it would really be difficult to choose the first one that would come your way. You need to judge which one would be the best golf rangefinder and then buy it.
Does the costly model perform better?
This is obvious that when you are about to choose a golf rangefinder, the costlier the model would be the better performance can be expected from it. You would get models of different companies ranging from $50 to $500. Now, it is obvious that the costly ones would have some extra features that make them more costly.
It is obvious that you cannot expect to own the best golf rangefinder at a minimum cost of $50. However, they also give accurate distance just like the one which is of $500. Then why is the difference in the cost?

This is because apart from providing the distance, a costly model would give you the accurate reading about many more things. Like if you want to know about the gradient of the slope, you can, you can get the temperature and also the direction in which the wind is blowing. With so many extra readings it is obvious that it would be easier for you to calculate the shot and then play the game with minimum strokes. 

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